Daily Activity Report Policy

All officers are expected to complete and submit a Daily Activity Report (also referred to as DAR) to the client. The report is proof of our services and considered a legal document so proficient and accurate documentation is a requirement. All S.A.I. officers are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Reports must be submitted immediately at the end of each shift – no exceptions.
  • Use of proper grammar (i.e. punctuation, spelling) is expected and required.
  • Professional language – use of slang is prohibited.
  • Do not report personal details that have no bearing on your patrol duties – ex. β€œI went to the bathroom, I was 15 minutes late (simply report your time of arrival).
  • Reports are for clients, therefore do not include information pertinent to S.A.I. – ex. β€œThe patrol car is out of gas.”
  • Do not put personal comments or opinions on reports.

Important – Failure to submit a report may result in S.A.I. Inc. and in turn, the patrolling officer, not being paid for the undocumented service.

Employees who fail to adhere to the above guidelines will be subject to the following disciplinary actions: verbal warning, written warning, suspension, termination.

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