Grooming Policy

While wearing the complete uniform as prescribed for the security officers’ assigned facility/site, employees must adhere to the following S.A.I. Inc, standards:

      • Overall neat and clean appearance – shirts must be tucked in and buttoned up to at least the second button from the top, shirts/pants must be wrinkle free.
      • Pants must be blue or black.  No shorts permitted.
      • No hats or outerwear is to be worn with uniform unless assigned/approved.
      • All leather and brass equipment must be polished.
      • Shoes must be black, shined. Soft soled, black, working shoes in good condition are also acceptable.
      • Hair must be neatly cut and groomed. Male hair length is not to go below ears. However, longer male hairstyles such as dreads are acceptable as long as they are cropped and pulled back away from face.
      • Neck hair and sideburns must be neatly trimmed and tapered.
      • Preferably, faces will be clean-shaven however, males may wear neatly trimmed mustaches and/or beards unless there is a client requirement prohibiting facial hair or if facial hair interferes with proper usage of required equipment on property such as wearing of safety mask or respirator. **Reasonable accommodations on the basis of religious or documented health related needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
      • Earrings, necklaces, piercings or jewelry worn in the nose, eyebrows, lips, tongues, or other extremities by either males or females while on duty is not permitted. If any officer (male or female) wishes to wear pierced earrings, they must be post or stud style earrings no larger than ¼ inch (size of pencil eraser). While on duty, only one pair of earrings can be worn.
      • Uniform belts will be worn through all belt loops on the uniform trousers or shorts.
      • No insignias, logos, emblems, buttons, or items other than those issued or authorized by S.A.I. Inc. will be worn on or with the uniform.
      • Employees are required to practice good personal hygiene.
      • Badges must be worn and visible at all times.
      • Vests must be worn as intended with proper fit (not loose or hanging).
      • Duty belts must be worn as intended with proper fit (not loose or hanging).
      • You must wear a mask at all times when around clients or guests.

      To ensure grooming standards are being met, supervisors will conduct periodic, spontaneous Quality Assurance (QA) inspections for each employee. The QA inspection will include taking a photo of the employee to be kept on file. The QA inspection will be a pass or fail. Infractions will be noted in the employee file.

      Employees who fail inspections will be subject to the following disciplinary actions: immediate removal from post, verbal warning, written warning, suspension, termination.

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